Discover the Most Common Reasons Your Oven Might Be Making Noises

Any time an appliance starts to make
noises that it does not normally make, it is cause to worry. However,
not every surprising noise is a big deal. For example, if you have a
gas oven and it makes a hissing sound, it is just the gas releasing
that will be ignited.


The most concerning noises an oven can generally make are rattling, scraping, buzzing, or grinding noises. Learn the most common reasons for those noises and when you shouldcall your local appliance repair company for oven repairs .


You Might Have a Loose Impeller Fan

Convection ovens often make noises, and
in part, this is generally due to the way their impeller fans work.
These fans work to circulate hot air around the oven cavity, which
helps food cook faster. However, having these extra fans mean that
there can be extra problems. Warping in the fan blade can lead to
banging, or squeaking and squealing can occur if the spindle of the
fan is too dirty.

When the impeller fan is the issue, the
good news is that it is generally not actually a problem with the fan
– it just needs to be either cleaned or lubricated. Before you
start looking for replacements, make sure that it does not just need
to be cleaned.

Your Cooling Fan Might Be Faulty

If you do not have a convection oven
but are seeing and hearing the same symptoms as described above, it
could be an issue with an entirely different fan – the cooling fan.
Not all ovens have one, but these fans are designed to automatically
run when the oven is done being used in order to quickly cool it
down. If you hear screeching, grinding, or squeaking noise – but
only when you shut off the oven – it could be due to a dirty
cooling fan.

You Could Have a Loose Oven Panel

When a body panel is removed from an
oven and put back on, it might not be screwed on tightly enough, or
it could be that it was not flush. For both gas and electric ovens,
there will be small vibrations when the oven is working, but that
vibration could potentially cause the loose panel or screw to rattle


If you have recently taken the door of your oven off to make your own repair, and there is a rattling sound, make sure that you have closely screwed in everything you took out. If you have not recently made any repairs, then we recommend contacting an appliance repair company to find out what your best options are. Contact

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(833) 220-1666

for troubleshooting or are pair appointment.


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