Should You Be Using the Self-Cleaning Option on Your Oven?


Having a self-cleaning feature of an oven can seem like a huge bonus, but in some cases, they are more trouble than they are worth. If you are not sure if you should bemusing the self-cleaning option on your oven, we welcome you to checkout this advice from your local appliance repair company . If you have questions or need assistance, contact Appliance Repair at

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Understanding How the Self-Cleaning Cycle Works

First, let us cover how the
self-cleaning cycle even works. It raises the temperature within the
oven up to 1,000 degrees F. This burns away all food particles and
any debris. The temperature is kept this high for several hours, and
anything in the oven will be reduced to ash that can be simply wiped
out when the cycle is complete.

It is Effective but it Can Pose Risks

Yes, this is an effective way to clean
your oven. That said, anything you have temperatures that high and
food burning, there are potential risks. We suggest that if you are
going to use the self-cleaning option, you first lightly wipe out the
interior of your oven to get rid of any surface dirt. You should then
remain home during the entire cycle.

It is always wise to have a fire
extinguisher handy in the kitchen, but this is especially true when
you are using the self-cleaning option. Make sure your kitchen is
well-ventilated throughout the process.

The Self-Cleaning Function Can Cause Damage


It is also important to know that these-cleaning could actually damage your oven. The high self-cleaning temperature can damage many

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